New Life formula

Symbol of the the Movement consist of two Greek words:

ΦΩΣ i ΖΩΗ - "light" and "life".

Light is Word of God. Life is making this Word happen. Using God's wisdom and Holy Bible as source we want to be changed to become New Man – as Jesus. This is the ground rule, that became our mission an purpose: bringing Light to our life and carry it to the whole world.

For everyone

From the youngest to the oldest. Families, kids, married couples, singles, priests, nuns – Oasis is place for everyone!

Everyone can find it's place because we are Living Church. On every life stage we can use richness of our Movement to became conscious Christian every day.


Domestic Church

Special place in our Movement is granted to youth, who started it, and to families.

Fulfilling a calling to live in a family we are giving rightful place to the smallest community of Church – Domestic Church. From the desire to build holly families is flowing our formation for married couples and their children – family branch of Light-Life Movement: Domestic Church


Mater Ecclesiae

We serve the Church. Discovering the mystery of The Mystical Body of Christ – community of all believers guides us always there, were we live and where we find Life: to communion. We gather in a small group, crating communion in our parish, diocese, country and worldwide. We are present in dozens of countries, crating a group of thousands of believers in Christ.


Our Specialty – service

Diakonia is service to God and other people. We serve each other, we serve Church. We are taking many actions for the society to change it in many different ways – thus we implement  the Gospel in our lives.

We use our talents and charisms in our communions, so called diakonias, serving in Church and for Church and whole world.


Summer vacation = oasis

From the very begging the foundation of the movement were 15-days retreat. They allowed to find draw from the source on the desert of our life. From the begging they are called summer oasis.

Nowadays they are still the foundation of the formation in the Movement and take place all over Poland and also other countries (Since few years even in China!). They are gathering people in every age – children, youth, adults and whole families.


Going outside the camp

Moses pitched a tent outside the camp, where he talked with God like with friend. It was Tent of Meeting.

Inspired by this picture  we use the method of the payer and meditation of Holy Bible called Tent of Meeting. This is a method that we use everyday to allow God to change our life.

It consists of few simple points:

Find proper time and place that you can devote only to God (go outside the camp), read the passage from the Holy Bible few times and meditate it in your heart (let God speak to you). Answer to His word with a resolve or payer ( talk with Him like with a Friend!). Do it every day for a couple minutes. Spend time with your Friend and He will change your life.

Wyrzeczenie dla ratowania życia

Love of the neighbor pushes us to total abstinence from alcohol.

We don't think alcohol is bad. But we know that testimony of our abstinence helps other to liberate themselves from the drama of alcoholism. In this way we help those that "can't help themselves" - giving a person a helping hand on the road to abstinence, when the words and teachings can't help anymore.

Effectiveness of this recantation is indisputable for us – what convinces us is a change in polish society and testimonies of thousands of people who abandoned enslavement of alcoholism.


The violent men of God's Kingdom

Every step change on the world starts with one man. This is him, the man that created and developed Oasis to the movement of over 200 000 people living for Christ all over the world.

Founder of the Light-Life Movement: fr. Franciszek Blachnicki.

He was born in Rybnik (Poland) March, 24 1921 and died in Carlsberg, Germany February, 27 1987. He was close with John Paul II.

Wonderfully converted in a prison cell, where he was awaiting for an execution of death sentence - miraculously saved and decided to devote his life for Church. He was way ahead of his times when he predicted a new breath of a Holy Spirit. Misunderstood at the beginning because of his innovatory methods later on he became an inspiration for hundreds of priests, who use his oasis method to work with youth.

His life and service for the Church is for us a clear testimony: he was saint.  From 11 years continues his process of beatification. Join us in a common prayer.